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            Personnel recruitment
            Contact Us
            Addr: hangzhou dengyun lu518haoxichengshidaishangwuzhongxi
            Tel: 0571-85160189
            Fax: 0571-85160851
            E-mail: zkx@ibmhz.com
            Website: http://www.gzcimic.com
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            The Executive Secretary
            Work location: Headquarters
            Job category: function class
            Recruitment number: 1 people
            Job responsibilities:
            1 Include managing appointment calendars, scheduling meetings and preparing agendas;
            2 Develop and edit correspondence, memorandums, reports and presentation materials using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Access);
            3 Perform general administrative duties including call screening and mail processing, travel arrangements, expense reports and file system development and maintenance;
            4 Coordinate special events and programs;
            5 Mentors and provides direction and guidance to collaborate with other admins within the organization;
            6 Communicate effectively across all of the organization
            Job requirements:
            1 1years relevant experience in international company Fluent in English for verbal and written communication Strong interpersonal skills, independent judgment, and a deep understanding of both strategic and tactical business needs Excellent verbal and written communication, as well as detailed management and leadership, capabilities are a must Ability to multi-task;
            2 fully dedicated, Conflict resolution, mastery of communication skills and excellent people skills;

            The supplier management manager
            Work location: Beijing
            Job category: function class
            Recruitment number: 1 people
            Job responsibilities:
            1, responsible for the management of strategic supplier information database, pre qualification and evaluation by supplier;
            2, responsible for the administrative work of bidding products;
            3, is responsible for tracking the market materials, equipment price, establish and maintain the material and equipment price information database;
            4, the organization of the company bidding project contract negotiation.
            Job requirements: 1, bachelor degree major in college and above degree, three years group bidding experience;
            2, familiar with the bidding law, contract law and the relevant policies and regulations, familiar with material and equipment prices, clear bidding procedures, can make the design, engineering, consulting the relevant bidding documents;
            3, have strong analytical and problem solving ability; have certain judgment ability and organization and coordination capacity;
            4, sex not limited to, at the age of 40;
            5, a registered cost engineer is preferred

            Addr:hangzhou dengyun lu518haoxichengshidaishangwuzhongxi  Tel:0571-85160189    
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